You just joined a crazy group of kids at an up and coming start up, now come up with some fun team building activities!
Open it if you dare but be quick about it, wouldn't want all the nasties to get out.
When the government is no longer for the people maybe what you really need is an animal resistance
I need nectar and I need it now, will you help me score with these flowers and get my fill?
Not every gull is a detective but every fowl cop has his day, Steven Seagull is on the case.
When your ship is falling out of the sky, what's a poor soul to do?

Ladies Loving Ladies

A short story of a slave and her journey to freedom
the canceled sequel to Romance Detective
solving crimes... of passion!
A queer romance adventure
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A corporate werewolf vn with wlw monster girls. And student loans.

Rainbow Jam!

Only a demo for now. c:
to do some good on the way out
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help a merman lure sailors to their doom
A short platformer about how we grow
short story about a child's adventure
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a last minute Rainbow Jam project about being a friend.
A Autumn driver
Learn more about your Vietnamese grandma's past
A walking / dancing / jumping / crawling contest !
Short interactive graphical story about a girl describing an important moment of her life through a series of drawings
Dungeon crawling adventure with an old girlfriend!
Help Ballet Soles free the seven friends from their Rainbow Closets