Whelp it seems you are interested in Stranded Stranger, I can't say I blame you. It is a pretty compelling title. But what is it? The short answer: a Twine game where you are a stranded stranger. The longer not so snarky answer: Its a prototype game about a failing ship that leaves you stranded on a strange planet and you have to figure out how to survive and get back home that I'm using to learn as I go with Twine. And I figure posting it here keeps me on track with working on it to keep updating it until its finished! So feel free to ask questions about it, show interest, gently remind me I haven't updated in awhile. The game will probably change quite a bit the more I learn about Twine and the more comfortable I become in it.

10/27/16 : This is literally the first upload so I expect to find lots of bugs and things that need to be edited this weekend, keep an eye out for an update Sunday to fix alot of the things wrong with the story so far!