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I've always loved tabletop games, and actually have a few more complicated ones in development. But I wanted to test myself so I set a challenge: No more then 5 card types, no more then 15 cards total (I failed by 3 cards but you only play with a deck of 15), must be portable, replayable and quick to learn, and FUN.

Enter in Pandora's Box. A fun, fast game where you and your friends decide it will be a good idea to open the legendary box. At any point in the game players have the option to vote to close the box to end that round. Each time you draw from the deck you have a chance of getting 3 types of cards:

  • Torments : The evils held captive within the box that you've just released, these result in negative points.
  • Joys : The good that got trapped in the box with the evils, these result in positive points.
  • Fates : Random cards that may hurt or help you depending on if the Gods decide to favor you.

Now sticking with my original challenge you can very well print off a single copy of each card and use one of the 3 templates listed in the rules to create the game play. However I have found its much more enjoyable to play if you print off 3 copies of each card, mix them all together and use those to create 3 separate "boxes" for 3 rounds of the game. You can find the cards as well as all of the instructions in the downloadable files, I appreciate any questions or comments you may have as this game was literally made in about 45 minutes.

NOTE: Money made from this game will actually go back into upping the production value through things like art (my engineer art just doesn't cut it). Which means your money comes right back at you in added value!


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Pandora's Box - Rules Version 02 502 kB
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