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Beaten down and enslaved by an authoritarian government the world has sunk into a post apocalyptic society after leaders fought over useless things to further gain wealth and power. Now propaganda is shoveled down the throats of citizens, people are starving, and unrest is finally stirring in the streets. You are but a humble animal trainer employed by the government to provide the mindless and often cruel entertainment it has come to rely on to cow and placate its citizens. But you have had enough and with your trusted trained animal sidekicks by your side you join the resistance.

Complete your missions in each level by best utilizing the abilities and training of your animals to further the resistances cause. Avoid suspicion from the government. Dodge government agents to stay out of prison and away from a sentence of treason. You are but one in a growing army of rebellion but your missions could be the make or break of your groups new war. Don't let your mistakes snatch away the chance for freedom.

Created for the #ResistJam 2017 after rolling a d20 (Serbia, Post Apocalyptic, Main Character is an Animal Trainer) whose theme was games that resist oppressive authoritarianism in all its forms. I am hopefully able to get a demo ready in time for the end of the jam as my hard drive decided now was a good time to completely die, so stay tuned for the full version later on if nothing else!

UPDATE: Due to a dead SSD the demo of this game got delayed till after the end of the jam, the one up was unfortunatly corrupted as it was made right at the point of death for the drive and has been taken down. Thanks for your patience while I get a working one up!

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