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You are a bee in the heat of need. Its time for you to leave the safe confines of the hive and travel whatever distance is needed in order to fill that sweet, sticky yearning. Nectar. The liquid bliss that all bees seek but few find.

But its just your luck that after a long and tiring buzz through a flowerless field you followed the unmistakeable scent of nectar and in a frenzy fly through an open window and end up stuck in a greenhouse. Or as you like to call it, heaven.

Now you must ply your bee wiles, buzz that seductive song, wiggle your abdomen and hope to whatever bee gods listen above that you can convince these sweet flowers to let you partake in their blissful nectar.

This game was created for the Strawberry Jam 2017, using the following things rolled with a d20: Bees, Flowers, Romance, VN. The theme for the Strawberry Jam 2017 was horny and seemed entirely appropriate for what was rolled. I hope you enjoy this fun little game!

UPDATES INCOMING! I had to jump to another game, deal with a dead SSD, and handle a crazy whirlwind at work but please expect updates for the game this weekend.

Progress Bar: Prologue, Day 1, Day 2, Minor Nectar Scenes (Rose & Daisy), Day 3, Minor Nectar Scene (Passiflora), Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Major Nector Scenes (Rose, Daisy & Passiflora)

Post Jam I'd like to add the following to make it a fuller game:

  1. Randomized events
  2. Options to loop back to activity choices
  3. Achiecments
  4. +4 days (for a total of 10 days)
  5. Additional triggered events based off of flower favor
  6. Display of 'flower favor' levels for player
  7. Add additional flowers


Design & Writing provided by: justkay

Art provided by: yllogique

Music provided by: Clement Panchout

Know Bugs/Errors

Minor spelling & grammar mistakes

Overlapping music

Text boxes obstructing character faces

Updates Record

Feb 25th '17 : Game page created

Feb 26th '17 : Version 00 - Title, Prologue

Feb 27th '17 : Version 01 - +Day 1, minor bug fixes


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BeeMine : Greenhouse Seduction 93 MB

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